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Mortgage Agent Training

A career as a mortgage agent presents a unique opportunity to those seeking a career in the financial industry. As a mortgage agent, you will be responsible for managing the process of lending people money to purchase or refinance residential or commercial properties. You will be the point of contact between lenders and borrowers, and will help guide them through the complex details of home ownership.


At Mortgages On Point we understand the importance of having the right knowledge, training, and atmosphere to be successful in such a high-pressure and detail-oriented field. Our eight-week (and beyond)training program offers a comprehensive overview of the mortgage industry that prepares you for successful transactions and professionalism with lenders and borrowers.


In the eight weeks of the program, you will learn the fundamentals of lending processes and regulations, as well as gain an understanding of credit management and consumer rights. During these initial weeks, you will also learn the ins-and-outs of mortgage calculating software programs, and gain strong problem-solving skills for any potential loan disputes.


Within the beyond weeks, you will practice and perfect the art of communication with clients and lenders through a variety of exercises and interactive activities. You will gain insight into the details of closing a loan, plus gain knowledge of economic trends and financial products. Lastly, you will learn how to evaluate and select the most advantageous loan situation for a borrower.


At the conclusion of your course and with successful completion of our program, you will be qualified to assist property owners with all of their mortgage financing. 

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